Videos to help you with the Work Ethic Diploma

The following videos may help you understand the value of the fourteen (14) Standards on the Work Ethic Diploma of Distinction.  Any comments or suggestions can be emailed to Richard Tidyman, Workforce & Education Partnership Coordinator.


Introduction to the Work Ethic Diploma 

For Students: A video tutorial showing you how to register onto the We Track software to make light work of your Work Ethic Diploma. If you have not yet registered, visit:

Standards 1, 2 and 3: Attendance, Absence and Tardiness

Standard 4: Discipline Standard

Standard 5: Overall Grade Point Average 

Standard 6: The Drug Free Standard

Standard 7: CTE Coursework Standard

Standard 8: CTE Competition Standard

Standard 9: TN Promise Standard

Standard 10: Dual Enrollment / Credit Standard

Standard 11:  Industry Certification Standard

Standard 12:  Enrollment in Post-Secondary Standard

Standard 13:  Career Readiness Certificate Standard

Standard 14:  Industry Awareness Standard



Coordinators might find this tutorial helpful for managing student data.