Recommended Activities Timeline

Oct. 1: Introduction to the Work Ethic Diploma of Distinction

  • Watch video: Introduction to the Work Ethic Diploma 

  • Students to fill out cover of their folders NEATLY.

Oct. 15: Watch Standards 1, 2 and 3: Attendance, Absence and Tardiness and discuss.

Oct. 22: Watch Standard 4: Discipline Standard and discuss.

Nov. 5: Watch Standard 5: Overall Grade Point Average  and discuss.

Nov. 19: Watch Standard 6: The Drug Free Standard and discuss.

Dec. 3: Watch Standard 7: CTE Coursework Standard and discuss.

Dec. 17: Watch Standard 8: CTE Competition Standard and discuss.

Jan. 2: Watch Standard 9: TN Promise Standard and discuss.

Jan. 14: Watch  Standard 10: Dual Enrollment / Credit Standard

Jan. 28: Watch Standard 11:  Industry Certification Standard and discuss.

Feb. 11: Watch Standard 12:  Enrollment in Post-Secondary Standard and discuss.

Feb. 25: Standard 13:  Career Readiness Certificate Standard and discuss.

Dec. 17: Watch Standard 14:  Industry Awareness Standard and discuss.

Mar: 11 Review student folders. Solicit help to answer questions.


Additional videos that are useful related to work ethic can be found at:

January: Teachers to review all folders and provide assistance where needed.

February: Work on folders

March: Work on folders

April 15:  Deadline for turning in paperwork and documentation