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Educator Externship Program

Where We Are

By the year 2025, 55% or more jobs in Tennessee will require some kind of post-secondary education.

Too many students graduate from high school and enter the workforce with limited skills, no post-secondary education and earn far less than their peers with post-secondary degrees.

Tennessee and Hamblen County Schools want to ensure that students are prepared for the changing demands of the 21st century by working to increase the post-secondary enrollment in programs like Walter State, TCAT, as well as four year universities.


The Challenge

Students and parents are largely unaware of careers in growing industries such as technology, healthcare, and advanced manufacturing.


Additionally, there are prominent misconceptions about the nature of these jobs when in reality, in the 21st century most of these jobs require postsecondary education, are technology-based jobs, and can provide a high quality of life for students and their families.

Debunking Myths


Too many people believe that only a four year professional university degree will provide a good income and lifestyle.  Nothing could be farther from the truth. 

While an individual with an associate’s or bachelor’s degree does, on average, make a higher average salary than his or her less-educated peers, young adults with bachelor’s degrees have become increasingly underemployed in the last decade


Recent studies have found that too few students receive sufficient guidance from counselors, teachers, and staff in their schools regarding postsecondary opportunities that can lead to successful careers.

Our schools are working to align student expectations and goals with workforce realities.


Students need resources to make informed choices to ensure high returns on their investment of time, energy and expenses. 


Knowledgeable educators inform students about postsecondary and career options. Educators must have an understanding of occupations and skills necessary for success in the workplace.


An externship program is one resource that educators and schools can use to guide students on a path toward a high-wage, high demand career.


How You Can Help


Which of the following can you provide? We need:

  1. Employers willing to host an educator for up to five days during a week after local schools close at no cost.

  2. Employers willing to provide a tour to a group of 15-20 educators.

  3. Guest speakers to participate in a forum, or individually to represent your unique business or industry.

 Download our brochure here. 

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