2018 Externs Speak Out
Group Presentations

2018 Externs share their experience at MAHLE. 

2018 Externs share their experience at Colgate.

2018 Externs share their experience at ColorTech. 

2018 Externs share their experience at Rich's Products.

2018 Externs share their experience at Team Technologies, Inc.

Individual Video Presentations

Rhonda Winstead shares her experience at  MAHLE

Brian McLaughlin, math teacher at M-West shares more details from his externship experience at Rich's.

Christian Johnson, Guidance Counselor at Rogersville Middle school in Hawkins County shares his experience at Rich's.

Samantha Helton, Art Teacher at West View Middle School in Hamblen County shares her experience at MAHLE.

Externs share their experience with community leaders in June, 2018 at Walter State.  Read more HERE.

Written Testimonials

"My externship at Rich's Foods was such a valuable and enjoyable experience.  I got to see skills I teach in my classroom being put to use in important and unexpected ways.  The experience I gained greatly informed my teaching and will better prepare my students for their careers."- Brian McLaughlin, West High School

“Being an extern at Colortech didn’t just give me first-hand knowledge about potential careers for my students. It also opened my eyes to the positive side of modern industrial culture and taught me more about plastic additives than I ever thought I would know. The Lakeway Externship has my highest recommendation.”Matt Dalton, 2018 Extern, Cherokee High School, Drafting/Computer Science Instructor

"Being a part of the externship with MAHLE was an eye opening experience. Not only did I learn how vast student opportunities are at the industrial facilities after high school graduation, but I also had the opportunity to experience, first hand, various skills students need to be building during their school years in order to be prepared for the workforce. The teacher externship program provided me productive tools that I can use in my classroom to better my teaching and improve student learning." ~~Samantha Helton, 6-8 Visual Art Teacher, West View Middle School