2020 Five Rivers Partnership for Future Ready Pathways Give Grant
Educator Externship

Goal:  To plan, coordinate, and administer a successful Counselor/Teacher Externship program as an initiative of the Governor’s Investment in Vocation Education (GIVE) Grant for the 8 partnering school systems: Cocke, Grainger, Greene, Greeneville, Hamblen, Hancock, Hawkins, and Jefferson.


Target Group:  School Counselors and Teachers in the 8 school systems in the 7 county area. 


Project Period:  May 2020 & May 2021 to include planning and organization time in months prior to the Externship taking place.


Role of DCEA:  DCEA will expand the Counselor/Teacher Externship program to include all 8 school systems in the Five Rivers Partnership for Future Ready Pathways GIVE Grant program.  DCEA will carry out the Counselor/Teacher Externship program for the 30 months of the GIVE grant period.  DCEA will provide an Externship Manager that will, in cooperation with TCAT, plan, organize, and run the program.  The Externship Manager will assume responsibility for all aspects of the program to ensure its success.  In close communication with all school systems, DCEA will ensure extern representation from all 8 school systems.  The Manager will inform all externs about the program and their own responsibilities as well as provide a comprehensive review of the 5-day program schedule and expectations.  DCEA will ensure that externs are provided a stipend for full participation in the program with the funding for the stipends originating from the GIVE Grant.  At the end of the Externship week, the Manager will provide a report to DCEA, TCAT, and other stakeholders which will include information about the program, strengths, weaknesses, possible improvements for the future, and any other pertinent information.  The Manager will also complete follow-up surveys with each extern in order to determine the success of the program.  This information will also be shared with TCAT and DCEA.


Role of TCAT:  TCAT will, through ongoing meetings, assist with industry interest in sponsoring teacher externs.  TCAT will work in close cooperation with the Externship Manager.  TCAT, as fiscal agent for the GIVE Grant, will provide funding related to the Managers time to plan, organize, and run the Externship Program.  TCAT will also provide grant funds to ensure that the externship stipends are paid to the participants.  TCAT will host the first day of the 5-day extern program. 


TCAT and DCEA agree to partner together with funding provided by a successful GIVE Grant application to ensure a successful Counselor/Teacher Externship Program.

Counselor/Teacher Externship Program:

Regional employers have identified many misconceptions among educators concerning career opportunities and the environment of a modern manufacturing facility. Over the 30 month program, this opportunity program will allow a total of four (4) counselors/teachers from each of the eight school systems to participate in a one week externship program to take place immediately after the end of the school year. 


First preference for participation will be for middle school and high school counselors that have not had exposure to manufacturing.  Participants will receive a stipend in the amount of $1,250 for successfully completing the five day externship program. Participants must provide their own safety shoes and must complete all activities in order to qualify for the stipend. The Grant will provide the funding for the stipends.

The program itinerary to be as follows:

  • Day 1) Visit to the TCAT Morristown main campus for a panel discussion on manufacturing and campus tour;

  • Day 2 and 3) Participants, in groups of four, will be assigned a manufacturing employer to spend two full eight hour days exploring all aspects of the manufacturing process at the facility;

  • Day 4) Participants will tour two different manufacturing facilities.  Preferably one inside their home county and one outside to promote the regional opportunities offered in manufacturing; Day 5) All participants will come together for presentations on their group and individual experiences from the externship activities.

A total of 64 counselors/ teachers will participate in the program during the Project period with experiences at TCAT-Morristown, a minimum of three manufacturing employers, and interact with other regional educators.


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