2019 Educator Extern Forum

In 2019, we asked these four people to participate in our forum: Bill Brittain, Hamblen County Mayor, Gary Chesney (Mayor of Morristown, TN), Mattea McCann (Human Resource Director for Team Technologies, Inc.) and Sarah Cooper, (5th grade teacher and 20189 veteran of the externship program.)  To view their contribution, wit and wisdom, click on their name.

Videos to enhance your understanding of 21st century workforce requirements.


Success in the New Economy (OFFICIAL)  Under ten minutes to get a better understanding of the percentage of careers that require degrees, certifications or nothing. Labor market, labor force and what it might mean to you. 

4 Skills & 4 Steps to a Successful Career

What does success really look like, The four areas where knowledge and skills are necessary for success.  Employ-ability skills, technical skills, academic and life skills are essential.  

The Insufficient Degree.  Employers simply can’t find applicants with the necessary skills required in today’s workplace. A degree is one important milestone, but insufficient all on its own. This informative animation video was produced by Dr. Kevin Fleming

Soft Skills: 

  1. "What Are Soft Skills?"

  2. "Strengthening Soft Skills": Soft skills are thought to be immeasurable, unteachable, and unimportant. This presentation will challenge each of these assumptions.

  3. "12 Things that Ruin a 1st Impression." Scientists have proven that we form our first impression about someone within the first 7 seconds of meeting them, and 55% of the first impression is based on appearance.

  4. Sandra Dray has a number er of excellent videos, including soft skills, This one is on enthusiasm and attitude.  

  5. US Department of Labor has many good ones too.  Here is one on communication.